“Today Show” weatherman Stevie Jacobs’ offer to lend $1000 was turned down by a red-haired woman at the Brisbane bus stop.

The breakfast presenter told her,”You’re on your way to work this morning or school? There is $1000!”

But instead of getting delighted about the news, the red-haired woman instantly refused to take the money. She just walked past him. “You don’t want it?” the shocked Jacobs said. The hosts in the studio started laughing after hearing the news.

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“Really? It’s real money,” Jacobs said to assure her that this is not a fake prank. The woman did not respond and just walked to the bus stop waiting for the bus.

Jacobs tried hard to press the woman to take the money but the women continually looked away from the camera and did not respond. She seemed like an Asian woman who was afraid or conscious of the camera.

Seizing the opportunity at the right moment, an elderly man near the bus stop watching the incident said, “I’ll take it!.”

“What would you do with $1000 that’s just been knocked back by somebody else?” Jacobs asked the man. The man said that he would use the money to pay off couple of bills, the Daily Mail reports.

He was handed over the money. “You’re a very lucky man,” the weatherman said. “I have never seen that before.”

“Today Show” is the Australia’s longest-running breakfast TV program. It is telecasted on weekdays at 5:30 a.m and weekends at 7:00 a.m. on Channel9, the Twitter account of the show states.

This part of the “Today Show” was under the “random Acts of Cash” segment which showcases Jacobs approaching several strangers on the street and giving them free money, the SMH reports.