Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! A jilted New Zealand woman took her revenge from her Tinder date by printing posters of his face and pasting them in his neighborhood of Grafton, Auckland. The poster, which read “Tinder Warning,” cautioned other women to stay clear of the man who “tricked” her into sleeping with him.

Though the Auckland-based woman has chosen to keep her identity a secret, she revealed the name, address, and workplace details of her Tinder ex, along with a picture of his face. She said that her whole experience with the man was “worse than rape,” stuff.co.nz writes. The picture used by the woman shows the man wearing a baseball cap and holding a beer in his hands.

However, the website later revealed that the home address mentioned by the woman was actually that of a nearby coffee shop where the two met. “I was just going to move on but frankly I’m being very grumpy and nasty this last couple of days as I am depressed and hurt,” she wrote on the poster, according to website.

“Instead of being a b-tch to the whole world, I’m going to say how I feel to the cause, not because it serves any purpose, but rather because I’m angry and feelings are not always logical,” she further added. She even said that the man said “every horrible, degrading thing imaginable” to her. She justified her actions by saying that she didn’t want to give him “any more opportunities to hurt me even more.”

The unnamed woman also shared the message the man sent her to end their relationship. “We just didn’t click enough. I really am sorry about that,” he reportedly told her. However the woman said that the man used her for his physical desires.

“You were using me for sex because you are an a…hole,” she wrote. Police has not filed a complaint against the woman yet.

Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app used by more than 9 billion users worldwide.