Police have revealed new details regarding the death of a woman in Wulguru, which was brought into focus while a televised media conference was going on.

A neighbor indicated the death of a woman, whose body was found in Wulguru. According to reports, a drug addicted man apparently stabbed the woman. During the conference, a neighbor shouted “she’s dead.” The police interrogated two alleged murderers on Wednesday morning.

Detective Inspector Kelly Harvey confirmed investigating the suspects in the southern Townsville Wulguru area when an elderly man shouted and informed everyone about the death. When the police asked who he was referring to, the man replied that it was about his 81-year-old neighbor. The witness learned about the death of the woman when he realized that his neighbor had not collected her newspaper, and hence, checked on her.

Reports are also alleging the murder of a 26-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man. They were stabbed in suburban Wulguru overnight. While police were investigating the incident and interrogating the suspect, another death, which was that of the elderly woman, was reported from the area on Wednesday morning.

Detectives confirmed charging a man of several offenses. The suspect, 32, was in the hospital at the moment and the officers were waiting for the medical experts to discharge him for further proceedings. “Police attended and located an adult male who was naked on the street and armed with a knife and a fence paling,” Harvey told the Townsville Bulletin. “As a result, he was arrested … he was covered in blood at the time.”

The inspector spoke to the ABC and mourned the death of the woman, who was an “upstanding member” of society. “Very sadly, a very innocent, beautiful lady has lost her life because people are on drugs,” she said as quoted by News.com.au.

Police have requested the residents and local people to inform them if they notice any case of drug abuse nearby.