Homicide detectives suspect foul play in the suspicious death of a woman at Hoppers Crossing. The body was discovered by paramedics just after 9:30 pm on Thursday at her Barber Drive home. According to police, the “disturbing” murder could be a random attack that took place within a short span of time while her son was out on a job with the State Emergency Service.

Homicide Squad Sergeant Stuart Bailey said that the woman’s husband had left Melbourne on his truck to Brisbane on Wednesday, leaving his wife with their 21 year old son. The son is a medical student and SES volunteer, who went out on an emergency call to a “police incident” related to a brawl.

The woman, 48, suffered brutal upper body trauma. “This matter is extremely concerning Victoria Police to have what may be a random attack, or targeted attack, at this premises,” The Age quoted Sergeant Bailey as saying. He refrained from commenting on the cause of death but said there was no weapon recovered from the murder scene at Hoppers Crossing.

The police said that the son either heard about the mother’s death through the SES communication system or was contacted by his father. But the son is not a suspect.

“He is obviously traumatised and he’s back with us at the police station assisting us with our inquiries,” Sergeant Bailey said. The husband, a truck driver, had made attempts to call her but got anxious when he was unable to contact her, according to The ABC. Moments after this, the husband called one of his coworkers from the transport industry, who visited the woman’s house. He came across the body, with the front door open. The husband flew back to Melbourne early Friday morning.

The police weren’t sure if the house was rummaged as it was too early to say if anything was stolen. Based on the knowledge of the police, it was stated that the family moved from Sri Lanka in 1999. It did not have any history of domestic violence.

Sergeant Bailey appealed for public assistance in their Hoppers Crossing investigation.