Wolverine 3 is set to debut one of the biggest foes ever to threaten the X-Men universe.

Fans may not have time to weep for Hugh Jackman’s retirement as Wolverine. The introduction of his latest adversary promises yet another action packed movie featuring one of the most prominent adversaries of the X-Men universe. Meet Mr. Sinister.

Five things to know about the big bad villain of Wolverine 3

1. Where did he come from?

Mr. Sinister started out as biologist Nathaniel Essex from London back in 1859. Apocalypse tapped him to create a virus intended to wipe out the weak in the world. At the time, his wife was about to give birth to their first child. However, his work with En Sabah Nur led to his wife’s hatred. Her dying word became his moniker when he gave in to Apocalypse’s offer of immortality and power.

2. What can he do?

Mr. Sinister was not born a mutant. He received his powers from Apocalypse. “Sinister can control every part of his body on a cellular level which means he has super strength, super speed, can regenerate from any damage inflicted, and can shapeshift,” according to Collider. He also has telepathic abilities.

3. What makes him dangerous?

His intellect, which is not surprising given his background. He is widely known for his genetic cloning experiments. Among his subjects in the history of X-Men were Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor.

4. Does he have a weakness?

Despite his abilities, Mr. Sinister is helpless against Cyclops’ eye beams. Apparently, he and the leader of X-men have a history together. Consequently, his fascination with Cyclops’ ability led him to create clones of his eyes then used them as ammunition against people.

5. Who will play the role of Mr. Sinister?

Earlier reports hinted British actor Richard E. Grant might take on the role of Mr. Sinister in Wolverine 3. The rumor has yet to be confirmed.