“Wolverine 3” will be the last for Hugh Jackman. The actor revealed it would be foolhardy of him to believe that he can play the role forever. While there is no official announcement made so far, Jackman has already made his recommendations for the part.

As “Wolverine 3” gears up for filming, actor Hugh Jackman has dropped a bomb. The actor is thankful for being given the opportunity to play the titular character. However, he believes that nothing lasts forever. According to Screen Rant, the third installment will be the final one for Jackman and it will be the last time that fans will see him sporting the claws.

The publication speculates that the movie will set the stage for a younger Wolverine while confirming that Jackman has emphasised an inevitable recasting. In fact, he has even recommended actor Tom Hardy for the role of the iconic mutant.

The speculations came on the heels of the “Wolverine 3” storyline reveal, which is based on the “Old Man Logan” comic book arc. ANN reported that Jackman had tweeted out to his fans long back, asking them what they would want to see in his final film as Wolverine. Fans replied with “Old Man Logan” as the source material for “Wolverine 3.”

While that’s the only thing that is known so far, producer Simon Kinberg confirmed with Cinema Blend that “Wolverine 3” will be set in the future. He let the information slip while he was promoting the home video release of “Deadpool.” It is not known how far into the future will the story be set. However, according to Screen Rant, it won’t be too far off where the world is unrecognizable because Professor Charles Xavier is part of the film.

Twentieth Century Fox intends to make “Wolverine 3” an R-rated movie and is looking at a March 2017 release.