Hugh Jackman just got a new co-star for “Wolverine 3.” The actor being tapped to join the film is known for his work in comedy. Will Jackman’s last movie as the iconic clawed mutant take on a funnier tone?

According to Deadline, Stephen Merchant will be joining the third installment of the X-Men spin-off. Merchant is most famous for co-creating the comedy series, “The Office.” What role will he play in the upcoming movie? Will his presence make “Wolverine 3” a comedy?

No word as of yet to confirm if the third stand-alone “Wolverine” movie will be funnier. Merchant’s exact role has not been confirmed either. His character’s name and description have not been released. However, fans need not fret. Production for the film will reportedly begin next month. We would probably learn  more about his role by then. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, Merchant is not the only actor who will join Jackman in the movie. According to Collider, Richard E. Grant will also join “Wolverine 3” as an unnamed “Mad Scientist.” Actor Boy Holbrook has earlier been cast as the film’s main villain. Holbrook’s character remains nameless as of press time. However, his role has been described as “relentless, calculating and intense.” Collider speculates that Holbrook will be playing the head of Security for a global enterprise. He might just go after Wolverine in the movie because of his employers.

Are you excited to see Jackman as Wolverine again? Fans would have to be a little more patient. “Wolverine 3” will not hit the big screen until March 3, 2017. “Wolverine” fans who could not wait any longer need not fret, though. The actor is set to strap on his mutant claws in one last X-Men film. You can catch Jackman’s Wolverine on “X-Men: Apocalypse” as it hit theatres on May 27th.