After the release of the trailer for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” fans are excited by the endless possibilities it offered. Thus, calls for its other animated flicks to get their own live-action interpretation are abuzz. Fans particularly want to see Hugh Jackman holding a trident in “Little Mermaid.”

The likelihood of its transformation into a live-action feature could come to life soon as initial discussions between Disney execs and major producers are underway, Deadline reported. The 1989 animated version of the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale ushered the golden age of animation at Disney, the publication wrote.

With this in mind, Movie Pilot shared its fan cast forecast for the live-action tale under the sea. Some of their choices would likely get a thumbs-up from many while others would be a complete surprise. His skill with Wolverine’s claws might make actor Hugh Jackman a natural fit for the role of King Triton. The publication cited other reasons why he’s perfect for the part. First, he’s physically fit for his age, hence, the added bonus to see him without a shirt is welcomed, the publication wrote.

Second, he’s a super dad. Last March, he saved his son Oscar from a strong riptide at Bondi Beach in Sydney, TMZ reported then. Third, he has a commanding presence as proven by his string of hit movies. Jackman would further clinch the role if King Triton had to sing.

The idea of Jackman as King Triton might be plausible. However, how would fans react to Jesse L. Martin as Sebastian? The publication cited “The Flash” actor for the Jamaican-singing crab. As it turns out, the other father figure to the Flash can sing, the publication revealed.

Jesse L. Martin is a Broadway veteran from the famous play “Rent,” Vanity Fair wrote. His “Joe-ments” on “The Flash” wherein he has personal moments with Barry (played by actor Grant Gustin) give heart to the superhero TV series, the publication added. Thus, his ability to do so might do justice to the character.