A doting father, a wonderful actor and those looks! No wonder “Wolverine 3” actor Hugh Jackman has topped the list of most loved Aussie celebs yet again.

The “Encore Score” is a definitive ranking of Australian celebrities and this year’s results put Jackman in the top slot for the second time around. On the other hand, Kyle Sandilands, the KiiS FM radio host, has again made it as the least favorite celebrity.

According to Daily Mail, Hugh Jackman has kept this “Mr. Popular” crown for the second time now. What worked for him is the fact that he jumped into the waves at Bondi as a concerned parent to save his son earlier this year. His big smile is an added bonus.

Hugh Jackman is closely followed by the hunky Chris Hemsworth. The down-to-earth actor is at the number three spot while brother Liam makes it to number nine. “Thor 3” villain Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Russel Crowe, and Keith Urban too have made it to the list.

Even though a completely Aussie affair, the lists saw two Brits make it to the top spots. These are chef Jaimie Oliver and actress Dawn French, states The New Daily.

“The data is telling us that being famous for famous’ sake isn’t enough to guarantee a positive image in the public eye: Those at the top represent genuine talent, success, and style coupled with humility and accessibility,” said Brooke Hemphill, Encore Score curator.

The list, which is made up of almost 400 Australian celebrities, has Kyle Sandilands at the bottom. He is joined by cricket star Shane Warne, Eddie McGuire, and model Lara Bingle. Jackie O’ is also at the least favorite bracket in the fifth to the last spot.

The Vine states that though this score is a fun way to recap our favorites and most hated in a go, it still is a legit survey. The Encore Score is a go-to list for brands, agencies, and marketers and reveals how people are liked across demographics. Around 5,000 people were surveyed by YouGov for this and this was initiated by Mumbrella.