Hugh Jackman will play his iconic X-Men role for the last time on Wolverine 3. However, would recent concerns about the actor’s health necessitate his replacement?

Hugh Jackman won the hearts of Australians once again as the most loved Aussie celebrity for 2016. The actor truly represents a positive image of success, talent and humility that is highly admirable. Hence, his recent Instagram post raised genuine concern about his health. Jackman looked older than his 47 years.

Moreover, he seemed weak and not at all reminiscent of his character’s image in the past eight films he has done. Would this be the reason behind constant speculations about his replacement in Wolverine 3? Rumors are rife about a female Wolverine taking over, which likely follows the comic book storyline wherein Logan dies.

Yet it seemed a few fans saw through the IG post and figured the actor was still in character when photographed at the dining table. A number of them noted its likely reference to the Old Man Logan comic books.

“It’s old man logan make up. They’re in the middle of filming it right now. He’s filming the last wolverine movie…” pixiekilljoy22 wrote. Thus, fans need not worry. Hugh Jackman could be internalizing his character in order to give his best performance yet as Wolverine.

Apparently, his new look raised fans’ curiosity early on about the film’s possible plot. Sightings of the actor with his wife in New York last June revealed the trademark beard of his character. According to The Daily Telegraph, producer Simon Kinberg recently revealed Wolverine 3 is set in the future. Thus, this might confirm the Old Man Logan storyline. Kinberg further hinted at the film’s R-rating and that it would be different from its predecessors yet he promised it would be cool.

Are you excited for Wolverine 3?