Wolverine 3 would be the last time Hugh Jackman unleashed his claws. His mutant abilities kept audiences captivated with every slash he made. Yet it was the Aussie actor’s greatest power that caught the attention of a legend.

Actress, singer, and director Barbra Streisand handpicked Hugh Jackman to sing with her on her latest album, Movie Partners Sing Broadway. The legendary performer put together a collection of Broadway-inspired duets featuring many classic stage hits. She chose the song Any Moment Now from the musical Smile, Any Moment Now with the Aussie actor in mind as her collaborator.

The song struck a particular chord with Streisand as it allowed her to sing and act at the same time. Hence, the ideal piece for someone like her. Her first thought to sing opposite her was Hugh Jackman, whom she described as an amazing actor who is also a great singer.

“Singing is really about communicating, and when I listen to Hugh’s voice, I hear a truth in his performance that I find very touching,” Streisand revealed. The Aussie actor seemed to share her sentiments as the authenticity of her singing inspired him to give what could be one of his best performances to date.

Jackman welcomed the opportunity to sing with Barbra Streisand, although the option to say no did not seem likely. As it turns out, his wife Deborra-Lee Furness is a big fan of the singer. Thus, upon reading the email from Streisand and letting out an enthusiastic scream, she told Jackman he was doing it. Then again, the Aussie actor did not seem to need encouragement. Despite the initial shock, he was not about to pass up the chance to do so, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The amazing talent of Jackman earned him fan votes for the role of King Triton if Disney would create a live-action movie of the Little Mermaid. Moreover, this distinction would cement his status at the top of the list of most loved Aussie celebs.

Watch excerpts of the duet of Barbara Streisand and Hugh Jackman.