A man was arrested on Tuesday near Wollongong for peering through peepholes in the women’s changing shed at a public pool in Helensburgh. The holes found in the shed overlooked the women’s shower area.

According to the NSW police, the staff of the Helensburgh Memorial Pool discovered a number of holes in the wall that overlooked the women’s shower area. The accused is expected to appear before the court next month. The 59-year-old was charged with five counts of peep and pry and is now on conditional bail.

He is expected to appear before the court on May 17.

The police are not certain as to how long the peepholes have been there or since when the man had been peeping through the holes but they have been filled-in since its discovery, the Illawarra Mercury reported.

The Wollongong City Council released a statement saying that it was contacted regarding a breach of Code of Conduct by a member of the staff at the Helensburgh pool. “Council immediately investigated the matter,” the statement read as quoted by the ABC. “As a result, the staff member’s employment with the council was terminated and the matter reported to NSW Police and the ombudsman.”

People peeping through neighbour’s windows or holes in the wall were reported earlier as well. In December, a man in Illinois was reported peeping through neighbour’s windows at night and a number of women had fallen prey to him, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Even celebrities fall prey to such peeping Toms. In 2009, a Chicago man was arrested for taking videos of ESPN sports journalist Erin Andrews through a peephole in the wall, the Washington Post reported. The videos were then uploaded on the internet, the existence of which could not be seized. Andrews was awarded US$55 million (AU$70.61 million) in damages in March in her lawsuit that was filed against the owner of the Nashville hotel where she was filmed.