Withings has introduced Body Cardio – a scale that introduces a new feature not seen in other scales – a Pulse Wave Velocity or PWV that helps indicate the overall status of a person’s heart.

Besides managing normal weight, body mass index or BMI, body composition including fat, muscle, water and bone mass and a standing heart rate, the device can actually tell cardiac strength.

The PWV is defined by Nokia, which acquired Withings back in April, as “the speed at which heartbeat-generated vibrations spread along the arterial wall,” according to PC Mag.

“Body Cardio redefines how people use connected scales, providing them with a tool to manage their weight as well as heart health,” Cedric Hutchings, vice president of digital health at Nokia, said in a statement.

The PWV test is normally done in hospitals, but now users can perform it on their own in their respective homes. The PWV can be computed based on the age and time for the blood to flow to the vessels in the feet from the heart.

The scale indicates that a person has either high blood pressure or “stiff arteries” if he or she has a high PWV rate. The design of the scale is relatively thin at 0.7 inches and consists of an aluminum base, a heat-tempered glass and has no feet underneath.

Another standout feature of the scale is that it can work anywhere. It can be used in any area of the house, be it the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room.

It was built to work on any surface without the precision and solidity of the measurement getting compromised, according to Slash Gear.

The scale is worth 241.79 AUD and will be made available later on in the summer. It is also accompanied by an application called the Withings Health Mate Android, which can be downloaded through the Google and Apple app stores.