The Wisconsin Primary results failed to turn out favourable for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz walked away with 50.8 percent votes and 24 delegates. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders recorded a big win, marching past his top rivals.

Trump and Hillary Clinton finished second on their respective sides.

The Wisconsin primary results gave a renewed momentum to Cruz and Sanders against their rivals, putting them back in the race.

Cruz has recorded a nearly 20 point win over Trump, which has increased the possibility of a well contested republican convention this summers, following the presidential primaries.

“Tonight is a turning point. It is a rallying cry,” the NPR quoted Cruz telling his supporters in Milwaukee. “It is a call from the hardworking men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America. We have a choice. A real choice.”

Sanders delivered his victory speech in Wyoming, which goes into polls on Saturday, to a crowd of cheering supporters.

“I was told that there were about 5,000 people who participated in the last Wyoming caucus,” the Guardian quoted him as saying. “It looks like all of them are here tonight. Thank you!”

He added, “We won in Wisconsin!” and thanked the Wisconsinites who helped him win.

However, Sanders seemed unaware that the GOP could be headed for a contested convention and that he might find his GOP rival in Cruz as well. He pointed out poll results to highlight that he is a better match for Trump than Clinton is in the US Elections 2016.

Clinton took to Twitter to congratulate Sanders for his big win.

“Congrats to @BernieSanders on winning Wisconsin. To all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign: Forward!” she wrote.

The next state to hold GOP and Democratic primaries is New York and polls are scheduled for April 19. It will be followed by the North Eastern Super Tuesday, on April 26.