Technology has taken not just the Gen-Y into its grip; the older lots are equally smitten by it to the extent that it has become a part of their lives even after death. This is what was proven when a winking face emoji declared the death of a grandmother.

The news appeared in a local Spanish newspaper on Saturday. According to the national daily ABC, Carmen Bustamante Barango expressed to her children that when she leaves the world, she wishes to be remembered in El Periodico de Catalunya with her most beloved symbol.

Christian Cemetery Wai Sin

Christian Cemetery

On Friday, at the age of 75, Barango died at her home in Barcelona. Fulfilling her last wish, her children instantly executed her plan. On Saturday, on page 38 of the newspaper and on its website, her death announcement was published designed with the cheeky emoji, which is mostly related with electronic messages and websites. “She finished her journey — in this world — at her home,” the announcement read.  Roman Zabal, son of Barango, who composed the obituary told (El Pais) Verne,  “She was a character and a great mother who never stopped being a child.”

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“She wasn’t religious and told us that, if any [religious] symbols … appeared, she would come back to life and come looking for us,” Zabal added.

He also mentioned that his mother communicated with her children through WhatsApp, and said that the winking face emoji was her favorite.

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The reason of her death is not known yet. However, this unique way of death announcement has earned quite a lot of media attention for Barango even though she is no more in this world and has literally made her a name to remember in years to come.

A tiny emoji can do so much publicity! What do you think? Share your response with your favorite emojis here.