Should fans expect a prequel series to “Game of Thrones” to be made soon? Will it really contain spoilers for the upcoming “Winds of Winter” novel?

According to Collider, both HBO and “A Song of Ice and Fire” author George R.R. Martin are on board with the idea of a prequel series. However, this spin-off has yet to be confirmed. Martin reportedly wants the prequel series to be based on his “Dunk and Egg” stories. But Collider thinks there are “better, more epic contenders” for the prequel.

The spin-off, Collider suggests, could explore what happened to Westeros before the present series began. It could show how Aegon Targareyan conquered Westeros and established the Iron Throne. It could also show how White Walkers ruled the continent during The Long Night. What would the prequel series really be about? No word from HBO as of yet. Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, actor Kit Harington earlier hinted that Season 6 might revolve around Jon Snow. “It’s a massive season for him,” Harington told Entertainment Weekly. “He features very prominently this season. I was told that…the season I was coming back for would be my biggest, and that’s quite a lot to take as well.”

Jon Snow came back from the dead in this season’s second episode. According to Harington, Jon’s resurrection changes him. “Jon’s never been afraid of death, and that’s made him a strong and honorable person. [But he] realizes something about his life now: He has to live it, because that’s all there is,” the actor explained. “He’s seen oblivion and that’s got to change somebody in the most fundamental way…He doesn’t want to die ever again.”

The sixth season of “Game of Thrones” returns next week with Episode 3, “Oathbreaker.” Meanwhile, a release date for “Winds of Winter” has yet to be confirmed.