Tyrion, Arya and Jon Snow have not been seen in one place since the first book, “Game of Thrones.” But is author George R.R. Martin cooking up something big for the three of them in the next novel? Will they really be caught in a love triangle in “The Winds of Winter?”

According to Movie Pilot, no such romantic rivalry will occur in Martin’s sixth novel in the series. Or at least, this possible subplot has not been confirmed. However, the author did originally intend for Tyrion and Jon Snow to both vie for Arya Stark’s affections.

The Independent earlier released a copy of a letter Martin wrote to the publishers in 1993. The letter contained his original plans for the novel series. He outlined how Jon Snow and Arya will fall for each other despite being half siblings. “Their passion will continue to torment Jon and Arya throughout… until secrets of Jon’s true parentage is finally revealed in the last book,” the author teased.

As mentioned, Jon Snow isn’t the only one who was set to fall for Arya. Tyrion was also originally supposed to fall “helplessly in love” with her.  “It will lead to a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow,” Martin said in his letter.

The letter was originally posted on the Harper Collins Twitter page. But it was later deleted. Martin has since gone in a direction different from a couple of plot points he discussed in the letter. So, it isn’t clear if he could and  would still write in Arya’s love triangle.

Martin is currently working on the sixth book in his book series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” He has yet to confirm when “The Winds of Winter” will be released. The last book in the series, “A Dream of Spring,” also remains unwritten.