Author George R.R. Martin is undeniably under a lot of pressure to release his highly anticipated book “Winds of Winter.”

But he remained mum about the exact release date of the seven part “Song of Ice and Fire” series, while eager fans provided some hints and lots of speculations about the book.

Here are some of what do we know so far about “Winds of Winter.”

Martin Finishing “Winds of Winter” Before “Game of Thrones” Season 6 Premiere

Martin intends to publish the book, in which GoT upcoming season is supposed to be based on, but he is also taking his time to finish it.

Inquisitr quoted Martin during a discussion at his alma mater, Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism: “I’ve been hearing them come up behind me for years, and the question is, How can I make myself write faster? I think, by now, the answer is, I can’t. I write at the pace I write, and what the show is doing is not going to change what the books are.”

WetPaint cited a BBC Radio interview where Martin had said he could finish about five to six pages in a good day. “But those days don’t come very often, I wish they came more often. A lot of days it’s kind of struggling, you know?” the author said.

GRRM also earlier said he may not write an episode for the upcoming season of the HBO-hit drama series because he is tied up finishing “Winds of Winter.” This proved that he is devoting all his time trying to finish the book as soon as possible.

2016 Release Date

It has been reported that the book may be finished before the end of the year and that it will be released early next year.

There were also speculations that the book may already be in the publishing house, simply waiting for its scheduled release date.

Empty Iron Throne

A possibility of an empty Iron Throne in “Winds of Winter” and GoT season six has also been teased.

Actor Finn Jones, who plays Loras Tyrell in GoT, hinted that the Iron Throne, which is the root cause of the bloody battle among the various houses, will possibly never have a successor and might be used for a completely different purpose altogether.

“Basically, what I think is that there will be a huge battle between Ice and Fire factions. I think Ice and Fire will completely destroy themselves in this great war. It’ll destroy Westeros and they’ll have to dissolve the Iron Throne because it has Valyrian Steel,” said Jones.

Different Versions of a Story

GRRM had said that although his books and its TV adaption are connected, fans have to understand that they are two different versions of the same story.

“There have to be changes simply because of transition. The books are 1,500 pages long in manuscript. We would still be in the first season if we were doing literally every scene and every page of dialogue and every character.”