As George R.R. Martin continues to keep mum about his new book, Winds of Winter release date spoilers continue to spread like wildfire online.

Since fans are still left in the shadows as to when his next book from “A Song of Ice and Fire” series will be made available, speculations and theories remain to be the number one source of information on the internet as of late. Luckily, during Martin’s appearance at the recent Balticon 50 convention, the author dished on some juicy new details about the new installment and even read a chapter to the audience.

As Martin revealed, a lot of deaths are still in order. Staying true to the overall feel of his previous releases, Martin maintained his habit of killing off well-liked characters to keep fans in the dark as to what will happen next.

Will the killings involve Arya Stark’s alter ego Mercy?

“The sample chapter showed Arya to be a part of a theater group with the assumed name Mercy,” International Business Times reported. “She uses her skills to lead a Lannister guard away from his post and then kills him. It is only towards the end of the chapter that the fans come to know that Mercy is, in fact, Arya.”

“Martin’s confirmation of more Mercy chapters in ‘Winds of Winter’ suggests that the assumed name was not for one specific target and we will get to see Arya do more killings using that name. The character was last seen in Braavos and there is no indication that she will be traveling to Westeros any time soon.”

Previous “Winds of Winter” release date spoilers hinted that a May launch could be highly probable. The author quickly debunked rumors and called them “complete crap” in his official blog. “Who makes up these stories?” Martin continued.

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