Fans who have been clamoring for The Winds of Winter for a long time might have to suffer a great disappointment because George R.R. Martin is too distracted to finish the book. Does that mean that the Winds of Winter release date is no longer happening?

A few days back, we informed our readers that the seventh book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series dubbed as A Dream of Spring is already on the cards. Sources believe Martin’s involvement in the last two books is most likely the reason for the delay of The Winds of Winter release date. The Winds of Winter is the longest book in the fantasy series, so it is taking a long time for the veteran author to cover it.

However, there is a recent buzz that the author is too distracted and he is unable to concentrate on finishing his already long-overdue book The Winds of Winter. What has made him so engrossed? The latest updates on The Winds of Winter release date reveal that these days, Martin is too busy expressing himself through his live journal.

Lately, he addressed the fans of Game of Thrones series online. He shared how happy and overwhelmed he feels to know that the show is a huge success and earned nine trophies at the Creative Emmy Awards.  Game of Thrones has created a history in the television circuit by winning the maximum numbers of Emmy Awards. It has received awards for casting, prosthetic and non-prosthetic makeup, production design and costume, sound mixing, editing, stunt coordination and special visual effects, according to Ecumenical News.

In George R.R. Martin’s words: “With these nine wins, ‘GAME OF THRONES’ has now taken home more Emmy Awards than any other drama in the entire history of television. That is a tribute to HBO, which truly has no rivals when it comes to production quality, and to David Benioff and Dan Weiss and the outrageously talented cast and crew they assembled to bring the Seven Kingdoms and their people to life. I have been thrilled to be a part of this.”

While the 67-year-old writer seemed ecstatic with the success of this HBO fantasy series, speculations are high that his distraction might impact The Winds of Winter release date. In fact, the author might find it difficult to concentrate on his job.

The Winds of Winter release date cancelled?

No, it is not! Thankfully, thus far, there is no announcement of cancellation (of the book) by the author or the publication. This means that The Winds of Winter release date is still in the offing. Since the continuous delay in release is making fans jittery, Martin should come up with an official release date soon. Keep those fingers crossed!