George R.R. Martin is still busy at work on the sixth installment for his A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Despite the surrounding hype on the book, no definite Winds of Winter release date has been given. With scarce updates on the project, it appears that fans are in for a very long waiting game. However, a recently announced book on the series may ease fans’ weariness.

It’s not a new book, but die-hard fans would certainly love it added on their A Song of Ice and Fire collection. The book in question is none other than A Game of Thrones Illustrated Edition. The new form serves as a celebration to the 20th anniversary of the series. The first of August marked two decades since the release of the series’ first book.

The author himself announced the special edition on his website. Although release date for the new A Game of Thrones book is still on October, Martin was very kind to share two of the illustrations in the book. One was notably of Hodor and Bran–the pair wading through what seems like a forest.

The special edition promises more than 80 illustrations, majority in black and white but some in full color. Fans could only hope that this special edition eases the waiting game on Winds of Winter.

Winds of Winter release date

Speaking of the much-awaited installment, Martin clarifies in the same announcement that there’s no update on that front.

Even his editor, Jane Johnson, has frequently expressed she has no knowledge of Martin’s progress. In a Newsweek exclusive, Johnson relays that what she does know is this: “…George is working very hard. And as soon as we possibly can after he delivers, we’ll publish the book.”

The statement is reassuring, but fans now know better not to expect Winds of Winter any time soon. Martin himself has been open about how it takes him a lot of time to accomplish a novel. His friend Stephen King‘s technique on the matter even baffled him.

As the waiting games drag on, check back for more updates on the Winds of Winter release date.