It is another day of disappointment for fans who have been banking on the early release of George R.R. Martin’s “Winds of Winter”.

The Atlantic reports that readers of the well-loved “A Song of Ice and Fire” series will not be getting their hands on “Winds of Winter” just yet because the release date of the highly-anticipated book has been delayed. The website even says that the delay of the book could be as long as the “Game of Thrones” series ends.

For the book readers who have been so much ahead than the TV viewers, this is their greatest nightmare.

Meanwhile, in terms of why “Winds of Winter” won’t make it to the targeted March 2016 release date, Martin was quoted by The Atlantic in saying:

“I still thought I could do it … but the days and weeks flew by faster than the pile of pages grew, and (as I often do) I grew unhappy with some of the choices I’d made and began to revise. And suddenly it was October, and then November … and as the suspicion grew that I would not make it after all, a gloom set in, and I found myself struggling even more.”

As to when the output would actually come out, no one really knows. Martin also suggests that the book will not come out anytime soon.

The A.V. Club also reports that fans are not the only ones disappointed in the recent news. According to the website, Martin admitted that his editors, publishers, agents, and even HBO, are all disappointed in the missed deadline.

Since for the most part the TV show has already completed adapting the source material, the release of “Game of Thrones” season 6 will be the first time that exclusive GoT viewers will have the advantage of knowing plot details over those readers who prefer to finish the entire book series first.

For now, fans can do nothing but wait for an official announcement on when “Winds of Winter” will be out.