The most-awaited book of George R.R. Martin Winds of Winter is already a hit. It is the forthcoming sixth novel in the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.  Meanwhile, there is a buzz that Winds of Winter will come with the series’ seventh edition titled A Dream of Spring. Great news indeed! Does this mean that the Winds of Winter release date will be the same as A Dream of Spring?

While the A Song of Ice and Fire fans have been clamoring for the sixth book of the series, the latest update on the series might come as a pleasant surprise for them. Relevant reports reveal that the seventh book, A Dream of Spring, is already on the cards. The American novelist is working on it as well. It has also been reported that A Dream of Spring will be released alongside Winds of Winter, so it won’t be surprising if the Winds of Winter release date will be the same day as A Dream of Spring. Keep those fingers crossed!

Many sources believe Martin’s involvement in the last two books is most likely the reason for the delay of the Winds of Winter release date. Winds of Winter is the longest book in the fantasy series, so it is taking a long time for the veteran author to cover it.

Maybe these are some precautionary measures taken by the author so that fans get to read the seventh book in the series A Dream of Spring prior to its TV premiere in 2017. Or perhaps Martin is trying to avoid the past situation of readers getting upset when Winds of Winter could not be released before the Game of Thrones Season 6.

Since 2011, the Winds of Winter release date has constantly been delayed for some reason. Many sources revealed that the writing pace of George R.R. Martin is considerably slow. A few days back, at Worldcon, he talked about his writing process, describing that he’s a “slow and painstaking writer.” In fact, the continuous delay in release is making the fans jittery. Martin should hurry up and announce an official release date soon. However, the latest update about the book could be enough for the fans to make whoopee.

For more updates about the Winds of Winter release date, stay tuned!