Fans of the Song of Ice and Fire series have since learned to set very low expectations with regard to the release date of the next book. Nevertheless, the Internet constantly sprouts rumors that keep hopes up from time to time. One of the recent examples come from Amazon’s France counterpart. Did the retailer accidentally publish the Winds of Winter release date?

News of the Amazon France placeholder page comes from the Winter is Coming website. According to the source, not only did Amazon France put up the page, it also placed a March 9, 2017 release date.

As a lot of fans know, George R.R. Martin is still hard at work in completing The Winds of Winter. Despite rumors, he made it clear on his very own Not a Blog that it’s taking him time to wrap the continuation of the series.

However, with something as bold as this, fans can’t help but jump into wishful thinking. The common thought hopes that with every denial, the beloved author is simply being secretive so that the book’s publication becomes a total surprise.

Still, the Winter is Coming website is careful to warn readers against setting high hopes. The source had this to say about the Amazon France placeholder page:

“Now, before anyone gets their hopes so high they become airborne, note that Amazon regularly makes pages for upcoming expected releases, even when there has not been an announcement. And they regularly use placeholder dates on those pages, which have little to no basis in reality.”

Winds of Winter release date still in limbo

True enough, there’s no concrete evidence to back up that March 9, 2017 is the release date for the book.

Reddit users on this thread were quick to offer their opinion on the matter. For most, only George R.R. Martin’s word matters. Reddit user Godcantfly even reposted a quote from Martin regarding the book’s release date. According to the statement, the author doesn’t “play games with news about the books”. Consequently, the author details that when he completes the book, “the announcement will be straightforward”.

It’s safe to say that with fans bothering him for years, Martin would be so relieved and excited to share when he finally finishes the series’ sixth installment.

Stay tuned for more news on the Winds of Winter release date.