The recent news of the Winds of Winter release date a few days back created a frenzy online. No one could confirm the March 9, 2017 date. Until now.

Fans continue to wait for the Winds of Winter release date. The endless rumors about when it is likely to happen are not helpful either. At times, it adds to the frustration as every speculation turns up as a dead end.
Hence, many became hopeful when Amazon’s French counterpart posted a March 9, 2017 release date for the eagerly awaited George R.R. Martin novel. This would coincide with earlier rumors. It would fall within the first quarter of next year in accordance with the suggestion of Reddit user BryndenBFish. Thus, it could come out before Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres. No doubt, a double victory for GRRM and GoT fans.

Game of Thrones Season 7 will likely come out by next summer. Hence, fans can enjoy the latest George R.R. Martin novel while they wait for the new episodes to come out. However, opening the celebratory bottle appears to be too premature. Alas, GRRM’s U.S. publisher revealed the truth behind the rumor, and it is not true.

Truth about March 2017 Winds of Winter release date

“As his publisher, we support George RR Martin as he works hard to finish The Winds of Winter. Any on-sale dates currently listed online for the novel are incorrect. Once we have a publication date for The Winds of Winter, the world will know.” Random House released the statement about the March 2017 date to Entertainment Weekly.

Apparently, this was not the first time Amazon had indicated placeholder dates for the author’s books. EW recalled the online retailer did the same thing for the A Song of Ice and Fire books. It happened with Amazon Spain.
Thus, fans will have to wait until GRRM himself makes the announcement through his Not a Blog page. No doubt, the author would also be relieved to let everyone know he is done in order to quash rumorsand get a bit of peace from curious fans.