The latest theory posited about the Winds of Winter release date would indicate its arrival sooner rather than later.

The lengthy discussions on the Winds of Winter release date might have an end in sight. If the leading theorist on A Song of Ice and Fire is right, it would certainly ease everyone’s frustrations. The last title released by George R.R. Martin came out five years ago. His continuous assurance did not offer relief as well. Thus, it raised the question of whether a Game of Thrones spinoff would happen before it comes out.

To appease everyone, Reddit user BryndenBFish suggested early 2017 as the likely release date for Winds of Winter. However, his fearless forecast might contradict Martin’s blog post stating the book is far from completed. Then again, the theorist noted the wait would be worth it provided GRRM did a great job. BrydenBFish also revealed his insight on Jon Snow’s and Daenerys’ story and how it would play out. Based on his theory, their narrative could end in death.

“I could see it going either way. I think one of the bittersweet ways that the series will end, will be with Jon killing Daenerys. If he is Azor Ahai reborn. Azor Ahai, in the original story, plunged a sword into the heart of his wife, killing her, in order to forge this blade to defeat… probably the Others. Whether they fall in love before that, that’s perfectly plausible,” BrydenBFish told the Verge in an interview.

A previous Game of Thrones Season 7 spoiler hinted at the possible marriage of Jon Snow and Daenerys. However, the purpose of their union seemed to be more of a tactical strategy than a love affair. Hence, BrydenBFish’s theory would be bittersweet should they fall in love only to kill each other in the end.

Do you believe the Winds of Winter release date is in 2017?