Winds of Winter author George R.R. Martin made yet another revelation in the past that fans realized just now.

Revelations from George R.R. Martin continue to make its way online, to the delight of his avid readers who are eager learn what other secrets the Winds of Winter writer would divulge. Many would likely recall how GRRM cleverly answered the question on everyone’s mind about Jon Snow. The 14-year gap from when he answered it to when fans took notice seemed immaterial.

As it turns out, GRRM made another revelation awhile back that now has fans excited. Another Redditor who goes by the username BryndenBFish uncovered a video of the Winds of Winter author from the not-so distant past. His appearance on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show in June 2014 was brief. Yet it let out a spoiler that now has everyone talking at length about it.

“I just killed three of your favorite characters,” Martin revealed. The reaction of host John Oliver likely showed the collective look on every fan’s face following GRRM’s answer. Yet his anxiety grew when the author simply shrugged his shoulders in response to his pleas for a clue.

At this point, fans started to get creative in their efforts to learn more. This time around, the goal was to find out what GRRM had on his screen. One ASOIAF fan certainly got creative in figuring out what it was. Hence, Mr. Serotonin Man shared his findings on Twitter.

Text deciphered from the image could point to a pre-released chapter from the Winds of Winter, according to However, that assumption remains uncertain even among devoted fans. Hence, hope lies in the release of GRRM’s latest book that many are hoping would come out before Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres.

Winds of Winter (Spoilers TWOW) *Enhance*: What’s George RR Martin Writing About in This Image?