Fans have been waiting for almost 6 years for George R.R. Martin to announce something about Winds of Winter release date. But will the author launch the much-awaited novel at WorldCon?

The highly-acclaimed writer of A Song of Ice and Fire series apologized to his fans for not releasing the material earlier. But despite that, various online media outlets still insist that the waiting will be over anytime soon.

But the 74th World Science Fiction Convention might be the perfect venue for an announcement, right? Martin will attend the event which will be at the Kansas City Convention Center in Missouri from Aug. 17 to 21.

The author invited his fans through his online journal site, Not A Blog. Here are the excerpts of his statement:

“I will be there, along with hundreds of other writers, artists, and editors, and thousands of fans. If you have never been to a con before, this is the one to go to… assuming you’re a reader.”

“Worldcon has always had a strong literary slant, and while costuming, television, films, comics, and games are all included as well, it is the written word that occupies center ring here.”

He also advised the fans who want to attend the event to register on the website. As of the details, he said that he will be doing a two 90-minute in the convention autograph area.

Aside from that, he will also do a one-hour signing in the dealer’s room at Gary Gianni’s booth. However, he said that he will only sign autographs for those who own a copy of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Furthermore, he will also be part of the Wild Cards signing, wherein other writers and artists are also in. However, he did not mention anything about Winds of Winter release date but the anticipation is always there.

For sure, there will be more assumptions and speculations regarding the much-awaited novel. Fans may check updates from time to time on updates about Winds of Winter release date here.