Prior to the release of the book “Winds of Winter,” author George R. R. Martin had apparently answered the question on everyone’s mind about Jon Snow a long time ago.

A lot of hype surrounded the season 6 finale similarly titled as “Winds of Winter.” Fans anticipated the revelation of Jon Snow’s background. While the episode did manage to reveal the identity of his mother, it gave no clue as to who his father might be.

However, sources did suggest that Siri might have an answer for that. Then again, the truth would eventually reveal itself in time when season 7 comes along.

Yet as it turns out, GRRM already gave the answer a while back. However, people only took notice of it fourteen years later. A look back at the questionnaire posted on revealed the author’s sly answer to one particular question from a fan.

Redditor BeARdBARIAN explained Martin’s answer in terms that everyone could understand.

“If anyone doesn’t get it, ‘Dany was most likely named by her mother, Tyrion by his Father, Jon by Ned.’ Rather than saying Tyrion and Jon by their fathers, Ned was named as if he wasn’t the father. Slightly subtle.” Hence, Ned is his uncle and not his father as originally perceived from the start.

The finale of season 6 saw Ned beside his dying sister Lyanna Stark who had just given birth. She handed the infant to Ned and looked to whisper something into his ear. Sources surmised the name likely begins with a J and could stand for Jaehaerys.

Hence, the scene would suggest the royal lineage of Jon Snow. This would also tie in with the theory that posits Jon Snow is, in fact, a Targaryen. Thus, he is a hybrid of fire and ice. Moreover, it could make him the prince that was promised.