The waiting game for the sixth novel in A Song of Ice and Fire series must have been driving fans crazy. When will George R.R. Martin announce the Winds of Winter release date?

Even the media has been finding ways to extract details about the upcoming novel. Although Martin recently wrote in his online journal that he has not finished the book yet, his publishers have tried to provide a hint about the possible launch.

Jane Johnson, U.K. editor of the Harper Collins’ Voyager division, first said that they know nothing about Martin’s plans. However, she gave some details about the possible release date on Winter is Coming.

While there’s no exact release date, Johnson based her guess on Martin’s working hours. “It’s worth saying he’s written the best part of two million words of this series in the past 20 years. So given the average length of a novel is around 100,000 words, that’s 20 novels in most writers’ worlds.”

Notably, the previous novel A Dance with Dragons has 1056 pages. If the author plans to have the same length for the upcoming book, the editor stated that it could be out in March 2017.

The website also pointed out that the waiting has happened before. Fans also waited a long time for A Feast for Crows to come out in November 2005.

If Martin will not announce the Winds of Winter release date before the timeline, then that could be the time that readers should start to worry. Otherwise, we could just relax for now and wait for Martin’s announcement in the future.

As for his latest post in Not A Blog, Martin plugged another book entitled Wild Cards. Unfortunately, there is no word about the much-awaited novel that fans have been craving.

Perhaps, we will know more updates about Winds of Winter release date soon. Don’t forget to check ANN for further details.