The Winds of Winter release date is still uncertain! And now there is buzz that the novel might get cancelled since author George R.R. Martin has misplaced the materials.

A few days back, we informed our readers that the production of the seventh book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series dubbed as A Dream of Spring is already on the cards. Sources believe Martin’s involvement in the last two books is most likely the reason for the delay of The Winds of Winter release date. The Winds of Winter is the longest book in the fantasy series, so it is taking a long time for the veteran author to finish it.

Meanwhile, some sources claim that The Winds of Winter might not be written since some of the materials that George RR Martin stored have been misplaced. Earlier it was reported that the author is too distracted and he is unable to concentrate on finishing his already long-overdue book.

Did he misplace the manuscript?

Since Martin was busy celebrating the thumping success of Game of Thrones, his writing has possibly taken a back seat. We would like to remind our readers; this year the HBO fantasy drama series won nine trophies at the Emmy Awards.

Is a chance the author might have got absentminded and tossed the materials when he was preoccupied with other projects? There are no relevant reports that support such claims. Right now, things are as clear as fog when it comes to the release date butthere are no indications that teh project has been abandoned. Nevertheless, the speculations are still growing. GameNGuide has debunked several outrageous claims that state that the author has quit writing or that he has burned the materials.

On the contrary, Martin took some time out and gave away a few updates about his forthcoming book.  According to him, he is adding more content to the book and making it more interesting. It is tough to guess, what exactly is going on. The rumor mill is churning out so many stories on the matter. On the other hand, George R.R. Martin is remaining tight-lipped about The Winds of Winter release date.

For now, we can be hopeful The Winds of Winter release date will be in 2017 before HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7 returns to the small screens. Keep those fingers crossed!