It seems like Microsoft will not be fixing the ‘Sleep of Death’ bug, even though most of the Surface Book users face the problem.

During the recent quarterly earnings report, Microsoft pointed out that the Surface line is getting popularity in the market. Microsoft also said that it has turned out to be the growth leader in its More Personal Computing line of business.

At the event, the company said that the device has brought 61 percent growth.

The Surface Book offers a high-resolution display of 3,000 x 2,000 pixel and driven by a Nvidia GeForce GPU. The Surface Book weight is 3.34 pounds with keyboard and sports a long battery life, notes GSM Arena.

Since the device is tablet-cum-laptop, one of the two batteries lies in the back panel of the display while the other is behind the keyboard.

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In spite of this popularity and being the best in the market hardware specs, Microsoft users continue to face the problem of ‘Sleep of Death’ Bug. The system never comes to life whenever it goes to sleep.

Users have been facing this problem, as the device goes to sleep mode when they leave their device unattended. They have to spend a lot of time in bringing back their Surface Book to life from the unplanned full shutdown.

Users are worried, as these long sleep periods would result in system crash. Despite Surface Book Specs are best in the market, it has few glitches. The Register notes that the Windows Hello facial recognition could not recognize its user for 10 percent of the time. However, the device unlocked immediately after a user, almost identical, used it.

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Undoubtedly, Surface Book Review was highly appreciated for the class performances, but the device could be better if these bugs are fixed.