New South Wales government has announced a reward of $1 million to the one who provides relevant information about toddler William Tyrrell, who had been missing for two years now.

The amount is the largest reward to be offered for information in the history of NSW. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione along with NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced the reward during a press conference held in Sydney on Monday morning. “We’ve never had a $1,000,000 reward ever before. That’s 1,000,000 reasons why somebody that’s out there that knows what’s happened should come forward and talk to us, and do it soon,” Scipione said.

Sept. 12 marks the second anniversary of the toddler’s disappearance in 2014 in a Spiderman costume after he was last seen in the Kendall garden close to NSW’s mid-north coast.

The reward had been announced to make sure the public come forwards and help officers recover the three-year-old child. Scipione, in the press conference, admitted that the case was messing up instead of getting resolved. The million dollar reward will make sure people get million reasons to participate in the recovery process of the toddler, the commissioner said.

Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin said that until the department received any negative evidence relating to Tyrrel, they will treat the toddler to be “potentially alive.” He said that the government’s reward policy has not been introduced because police have nothing to follow and proceed with the investigation. It is just that the officers need participation from public, he said.

The announcement of the reward for public has come following the missing toddler’s sightings in public places for more than 1000 times. The department expects the public to inform the officers if they notice Tyrrel again. Police have claimed that they have received more than 2000 calls relating to the missing of the toddler  along with their identification of 690 people of interest.

“If you’ve got information in regards to William’s disappearance and you’ve got concerns that you could be potentially complicit in the offence by concealing the offence, that offence will be negated the moment you come to police,” Buzzfeed quoted him as saying. “The thing that you might weigh up if you have got the information that you’re sitting on, there is now a million reasons to come forward.”

If you get any information regarding William Tyrrell, you can call on to Crime Stoppers on 1800-333-000 or also log on to Crime Stoppers online reporting page.