The New Orleans police on Tuesday said that a fully loaded 9mm gun was found inside former NFL player Will Smith’s car during a search three days after he was shot dead. A fully loaded revolver was also discovered in the car of the suspected gunman.

However, investigators did not find any ballistics evidence or shell casings to suggest that the weapon found inside the car of Will Smith was fired. The NOPD also did not specify whether Smith held out the weapon during the brawl, ESPN reported.

Will Smith was shot multiple times and died on the spot on Saturday night. His wife was also shot twice in her right leg. Cardell ‘Bear’ Hayes, 28, the suspected gunman was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Sunday.

An argument ensued between the former NFL player and Hayes after the latter’s Hummer SUV vehicle rear-ended Will Smith’s Mercedes G63 SUV, causing him to hit another car. After a heated exchange, Hayes allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Smith in the back and the side.

The police said on Tuesday that two other people were also present in the car with the Smiths but none of them were injured in the incident. There was another man in Hayes’ car as well, but no charges were laid on him. It is not immediately clear who owned the guns found inside Smith’s and Hayes’ car.

Hayes’ attorney John Fuller said that his client was not the only person with a fully loaded gun. He added that Hayes and others felt threatened, but did not clarify by whom.

“It would be safe to say that not only did my client feel threatened, but citizens that were out there in that block felt threatened, as well. And I think the unearthing of a second gun will lend itself to the defense of Mr. Hayes,” the ABC News quoted Fuller as saying on Monday.