The war between Russia and Turkey has taken another twist with Armenian government’s request for deployment of Russian troops.

On the request of the government, Russian troops will be deployed near the Armenian border with Turkey. World Bulletin says that the proclamations have already been signed by President Vladimir Putin and the deployment will start soon. It also says that the Armenian government requested Russia to deploy its forces fearing attack on the country.

The local media also suggests that Russia will station 7,000 soldiers from 58 Army Corps in the Armenia-Turkey border. The troops will be fully equipped with tanks and missiles.

As noted by another World Bulletin report, the summit, which was supposed to be held on December 15 between Russian president and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was cancelled after the downing of the Russian aircraft. The report adds that furious Putin refused to take calls from Erdogan.

Russia also has slapped economic sanctions to Turkey in retaliation. Although the Turkish authorities claimed that the jet was in the Turkish territory, Russia refused to buy any argument and Putin called the incident as a “stab in the back”.

Meanwhile, the military deployment is considered as revenge by many. In the end of the previous month Russia launched a series of deadly strikes against the Syrian rebel-held border crossing Turkey to retaliate the shoot down of Russian jet.

Earlier this month, a Russian warship fired warning shots at Turkish Vessel. According to Aljazeera, the Russian ministry statement says that the warship failed to establish radio contact with the Turkish vessel and it also failed to respond to the visual signals and flares.

Many are speculating that Armenia, which is a long time ally with Russia, is the victim in the conflict between Russia and Turkey. Many on the other hand are blaming Russia for the deployment.