The name of  next president of Burma will be announced on March 17 and the country might just get its first woman president. There could be positive outcome of talks between Suu Kyi and Burma’s military chief on suspension of a constitutional clause which bars her from becoming the president, government television channels reported.

Back in November Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy Party won a tremendous victory in the general elections. However, she was prevented from becoming the president because of the constitution’s article 59(f). The article states that anyone with foreign spouse or children cannot hold the executive position. Suu Kyi’s late husband is from Britain and her two sons are also British, The Nation reported.

Suu Kyi has been negotiating with Commander-in-chief Gen Min Aung Hlaing on suspension of the article, which can only be legally removed with the help of two-third votes in the parliament.

Earlier this week instruction had been given to the NLD MPs not to travel beyond the capital. This led many to speculate that Parliament was prepared for a significant development.

Nyan Win, a senior member of the NLD central committee said, “It is possible to draft legislation to waive that clause… But I don’t think the party will opt for that solution; we need to lobby the military [who have a constitutionally guaranteed 25 percent of the seats in parliament] first.”

The NLD’s senior patron, Tin Oo said “We need to find a way to make Aung San Suu Kyi president.” According to him, people want Suu Kyi to be their president and she deserves to be the president.

Kyaw Htwe, a member of Central Committee of the NLD sounded very positive about Suu Kyi’s Future as the country’s president. He commented that the negotiation would be positive for Suu Kyi and she would become the president.

Meanwhile, Yan Myo Thein, a political analyst advised caution regarding the issue. It is still very early to come to any conclusion as regard Suu Kyi’s candidature as president of Burma, he observed. He pointed that the suspension of the article and constitutional amendments would take time and a short announcement on TV was not very reliable.