The recent surge in Australians joining foreign militia to fight the Islamic State came into limelight when a Melbourne man tried to travel to Middle East to fight the IS.

ABC confirms that Federal Attorney-General George Brandis will decide whether the prosecution of the man should be continued after the 28-year-old Jamie Williams was stopped at the Melbourne airport last year as he was about to travel to Iraq. Williams was to join a Kurdish Militia that was very successful in fighting against IS.

According to a Herald Sun report, Williams, who is a security guard, tried to board a Qatar-bound flight. In his statement he said that he could be useful in the fight against IS. His lawyer claims that Williams has not broken any law.

In another report by The Age, it was revealed that Williams has trained with the French Foreign Legion and he wanted to use his skills for a good cause. His lawyer noted that Williams tried to join Yekineyen Parastina Gel, a Kurdish paramilitary force, without breaking any law.

The proceeding of the case has been adjourned till February, as confirmed by ABC. However, his lawyer stated in the same report, that under the legislation there is a difference between those who fight and who plan to fight. She further stated that her client had waited months for the decision and some balance needed to be applied.

The case is considered as pertinent because it is going to decide the fate of other young Australians who joined anti IS forces and had returned to Australia. In the recent years, there have been several reports of men joining anti IS forces and a few of them also lost their lives in the war.