A gorilla attack survivor defends Cincinnati Zoo’s move to kill Harambe. A British man who fell down in a gorilla enclosure thirty years ago, when he was merely 5, said that Cincinnati Zoo keepers did the right thing by killing the gorilla.

In 1986,  Levan Merritt fell down in a gorilla enclosure at Jersey Zoo. He was caressed by the Gorilla, Jumbo and soon brought to safety. However, Merritt said that the decision to kill Harambe was a right one as the child’s life is more important than the animal.

Noteworthy, People around the world are criticizing the zoo authorities for killing the animal and they believe that the killing was unnecessary. Some even blamed the boy’s mother for her irresponsibility. A petition which blamed the child parents for the unfortunate killing and demanding an investigation has got 230,000 supporters, stated WCPO.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother slammed the critics and said that it was an accident. Levan on the other hand, has a completely different take on the issue.

Levan told The Sun, “I know what it’s like to come face to face with an enormous gorilla — absolutely terrifying. But my experience taught me they are also incredibly caring.”

Levan climbed the railing to get a better view of the gorilla and fell 20 feet below into the enclosure. He broke his arm, fractured his skull and became unconscious. Jumbo was calm and gently stroked his body while his horrified parents watched from above. The animal even guarded him from other gorillas in the enclosure. Jumbo’s behavior was very gentle.


But in case of the Cincinnati Zoo incident the situation is completely different. Levan said that as the Gorilla was in captivity he did not know about his own strength. Moreover, he never came so close to a human infant.

Levan argued, “he does grab the boy and drags him into the water at a terrifying speed. The four-year-old is tiny and could easily have been injured. So they made the correct decision to save the boy’s life.”