Bernie Sanders is getting agitated as Hillary Clinton is building her Democratic campaign’s delegate lead.

The Vermont senator did not get a good night in Michigan as he failed to improve the dynamics of a nominating contest that has been slipping away from him. For the first time ever, the senator found himself on the defensive party over his vote against the auto bailout during the seventh Democratic debate.

Sanders poorly handled delicate gender and racial matters. Political analysts saw him as someone who was running to make a point and not to win and even managed to offend the mentally ill population.

While viewers are calling the CNN debate a draw, analysts are convinced it was an obvious loss. Clinton’s campaign pushed for contrasting herself against the Republicans, specifically Donald Trump, and not attacking the fellow Democrat, Chicago Tribune reported.

Sanders, on the other hand, has always announced his attacks against Clinton. So, she knew that her past support for trade deals would come up. When he did, the former senator called out the Wall Street bailouts that Sanders voted against, Politifact reported. It included US$82 billion for the automotive industry.

Furthermore, Clinton said that if everyone had voted the way Sanders did, she believed the automotive industry would have collapsed. The former first lady said that the money was available and had to be released to save the automotive industry with 4 million jobs, as well as to begin restructuring.

Clinton added that President Barack Obama, who is popular amongst the Democratic voters, supported it. She said that Sanders needed to be either for saving the automotive industry or against it. She noted that she voted to save the industry Sanders voted against the money that was needed to save auto trades.

Sanders fired back by cutting Clinton off. In doing so, he risked offending female voters who have been on the fence of backing Clinton.