A body was discovered in the Whroo mineshaft in northern Victoria, dressed in a Neil Young T-shirt for the 2009 Australasian tour of singer Neil Young.

The Neil Young T-shirt and a set of false teeth are right now the only identifying features found on the body. According to police, the deceased is being suspected of being an assault and murder victim.

Both the Neil Young T-shirt and the fake teeth clues can play a vital role in solving the homicide. The Balaclava Mine, which is off Reedy Lake Road in Whroo, is a discarded mine located in the Victorian ghost town.

Amateur adventurers found the body wrapped in a tarpaulin on March 12.

A postmortem and forensic examination have been conducted. However, the police still away from identifying who the man was.

According to Herald Sun, police said that the body is of a Caucasian male, between 176cm and 183cm, and is believed to be older than 50. The man had a full upper denture and no lower teeth.

On Tuesday, further details were released by homicide detectives investigating the mysterious case. They hope it would unlock more information.

Homicide squad Detective Inspector Mick Hughes said that the body was dressed in a black T-shirt endorsing the 2009 Australia and New Zealand tour of veteran Canadian music star Neil Young.

“I’m hoping if he is local someone will look at the T-shirt, someone will look at the age, and think ‘you know what, I think who I know who this guy is,'” he said.

According to police reports, the man was also wearing a blue XXL woven jumper with stripes down the arms.

Hughes believes that the body was dropped into one of the entrances and then slid into the mineshaft by someone who knew the area. It was possible that the victim was not local, Detective Inspector Hughes said.

Hughes also said that the man had a depressed fracture of the rear left side of his head. Tests concluded that the head wound had healed and was from a previous injury, says The Age.

Hughes said that the man had died weeks or months ago, rather than years.

When searching for Victorian missing people didn’t have any result, investigators started looking to interstate and international registers.

Hughes describes it as a tough investigation. Anyone with information is insisted on contacting Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or to make a confidential report.