In order to separate itself from other popular free messaging apps, WhatsApp will have more new features. The new feature would enable users to add multiple friends to a chat at once easily and quickly as per new rumours.

Reportedly, the Facebook owned-WhatsApp is now working on few more ways to send group invites, including QR codes, NFC tags, and links.

However, now new friends can send an invite to users who are not on the platform. Users have to go to Settings > Tell a Friend > and selecting mail, message, Facebook or Twitter. A link will be sent for them to sign up to WhatsApp. Users can start a group by tapping on “New Group” and then add friends one by one.

According to Android Police, users can send a group invite through a link to let users group chat without any difficulty. However, the messaging app is focusing on QR codes and NFC tags. It is expected that users send the QC codes to their friends and scan to join the app instead of searching manually on the app.

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The QR codes are becoming increasingly common in apps which are used to add friends already by WeChat and Snapchat.

NFC means near-field communication, which works similar to mobile payments. The new feature allows users to transfer information from another NFC device. The tags could be in the form of stickers.

Instead of inviting each and persons in the group chat, the Integrated QR codes, and NFC tags would make easier for the users to send a link to the chat. This would even become beneficial for businesses. Users can add more people on the chat without having to send phone numbers.

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According to Tech Times, WhatsApp is also working on its video calling feature. It is said that the app would include some form of a voicemail. Following the addition of video calling feature was noticed in iOS by the beta users, screenshots of the feature were released recently.