“Instagram Husband” has been a top trending topic on the Internet these past days. Curious why the video went viral? Read on to find out.

According to Quartz, the parody video was posted on Youtube last December 8. In just three days, the video had nearly 3 million views.

So what’s in the video? It’s the story of men who are “forced by their wives” to take photos of them in creating the “perfect Instagram feed.” Some men are struggling in what they’re doing while others are supportive to take photos of their wives’ best angles.

At the start of the video, a man says, “behind every cute girl on Instagram, is a guy like me—and a brick wall.” Afterwards, a series of men tell their stories which show how they’re living their lives as an “Instagram Husband.” These guys constantly snap photos of their wives, their food, and yes, even their shoes.

In the video, a girl reminded one of the guys, “We have to show everyone how much we enjoy our lives together!”

Watch the video here:

As mentioned on the site, it was Jeff Houghton who shot the video to promote his show. Houghton is the host and executive producer of “The Mystery Hour,” a Missouri based late-night TV show.

Houghton didn’t expect his video to trend worldwide. He told Quartz,

“It’s so strange! had a sense it was sort of relatable, but it’s been crazy. I haven’t been sleeping very much, and I’m just trying to keep up with it.”

To those who slammed his video as “sexist,” Houghton explained that he originally wrote the video which included women and kids. However, things didn’t go as planned during the shoot.

In his website InstagramHusband.com, it was written that “Instagram Husband” is not exclusively used for men.

“[A]nyone can be stricken as an Instagram Husband, including boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, or sons and daughters. Instagram Wife is also gender, status, and age neutral.”

Check out some of the funniest Instagram Husband images below:

1. The brick wall seems to be a requirement.

Post Christmas Parade #InstagramHusband with @dollydynamite and @acs414

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2. Higher?


3. She’s having the best time! How about her husband?

4. Maybe he’s already hungry?

"She ordered twice as much as she could actually eat. Reason– The colors of the different foods would offset the brown of those giant mugs in a photo. Oh the life." -M. Fong (@mrmattfong) #instagramhusband

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5. Finding the best angle!

I take a good chunk of @kelseyraecourtney’s pictures. I usually don’t mind. #instagramhusband

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6. Can’t say no!


7. Behind her amazing photo is a supportive “Instagram Husband.”

Behind the scene of my previous photo. . . . . Yep, a poor #instagramhusband 😂😂😂

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8. Shirt and background? Check.

Shirt and background must match. Always. – J. Rhodes #instagramhusband

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9. Lighting’s perfect!

#instagramhusband in the flesh

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10. Yup, they’re all waiting!