Three men sustained gunshot wounds during a shootout in Westmeadows, Northern Melbourne on Sunday shortly before midnight and now the police are on a manhunt for two men.

Emergency services were called to a house located in Erinbank Crescent in Westmeadows. An altercation broke out, where the three men were shot by the other two men, who fled the scene driving a dark-colored sedan.

The three victims aged 26, 28 and 37 were immediately taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where one is in serious condition and the other two were stable, according to ABC News.

Armed Crime Squad detectives also went to the scene of the crime and the area has been barricaded from the public.

A neighbour who lived two blocks from where the shooting took place said he heard eight to 10 shots. He handed over a CCTV footage he obtained to the police, which shows someone running across his front lawn and firing shots.

Another neighbour shared that he was watching TV inside his home late on Sunday evening when he heard the gunshots.

“We were just inside watching TV and we heard shots… we looked out the window and the guy jumped in his car and sped off,” the witness said, according to the Daily Mail.

It took him a while to get outside but the police were already called after he went out because there was a “guy on the floor.” The pavement has been filled with a huge bloodstain, presumably from one of the victims.

Police discovered bullet holes in the fence in front of the property and at the moment they are still going after the two suspects who have escaped.

This isn’t the only shooting incident for this month alone, as a man was shot dead and two others were left injured during a shootout in southwest Sydney two weeks ago.