Police are searching for the men who attacked a 20-year-old in Parramatta on January 25 as confirmed by a CCTV footage. There were three involved suspects in the scene of the crime.

The attackers followed the victim on Victoria Road at around 11:00 p.m. The coverage obtained from a nearby childcare centre showed two men who repeatedly attacked the victim, which police officers called a “cowardly and opportunistic attack.” Meanwhile, a third person was seen standing and looking at the whole incident.

According to 9News, police claimed that the men seemed to have British or Irish accents. There was a witness who went to the injured man and assisted him in with his wounds while the three suspects left the scene. Detective Inspector Glen Parks mentioned the attacks as opportunistic. “It’s shocking and it’s unprovoked,” he said.”We believe this is a random attack, definitely not targeted. The victim just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Police have released descriptions of the suspects. They said that all the three of them looked Caucasian in appearance. One of them was in his 20s and had a slim build with very short blonde hair. The second one had a tattoo on his right upper arm. He wore a black shirt with white stripes on the shoulders along with a black cap with a green pattern on it. The third one was not visible in the CCTV footage yet police still claim for him to have a slim build with dark blonde hair.

Detective Inspector Parks said that police is hopeful of acquiring more information to punish the alleged attackers. “We’ve exhausted all avenues of our investigation and now we’re appealing to members of the community to assist in identifying them,” he said as quoted by the ABC.

“As you can see from the footage, it clearly depicts them, it clearly depicts their clothing, which is quite distinctive. And we would hope that there are members of the community out there who can identify them.”