There had been a great boost on West Australia tourism as more locals have started opting to vacations here.

According to WA today, there is an increase of 25 percent in the number of local tourists taking day trips in 2015 compared to 2014. Similarly, there was also a 10 percent increase in overnight trips. The figures are products of a research conducted by Tourism Research Australia.

“In the 12 months to September, the number of intrastate overnight visitors increased by 12 per cent to 6.8 million visitors, and the number of nights increased almost 17 percent to 27.9 million,” Tourism Minister Kim Hames stated.

The locals have not preferred their own place, instead of vacationing outside, without a reason.

The increase in domestic visitors has been attributed to Perth’s fading reputation as a pricey “boom town”, stated Yahoo!7News. The “low Australian dollar making local travel” is also responsible for the surge in domestic travellers, said the report.

The quokka selfie trend is another reason for locals to opt for West Australia, as reported by WA today. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman have made quokka selfie an instant hit.

Rottnest Island is the world’s only place where quokkas are found. They could be found everywhere in the island and people don’t have much problem locating one of them. The wildlife of the island is a major attraction. Moreover, for the local people it’s an exotic location which needs 30 minutes ferry ride to reach. Snorkeling is another attraction of the island and Little Salmon Bay is the best place for it.

The Lonely Planet Tourist Guide named Rottnest as one of the top 10 tourist destinations.

Mr. Kim Hames released a statement saying that there is no surprise in the increase of intrastate visitors in West Australia. He added that this year Tourism WA would launch a new campaign. The campaign would be the part of the state government’s $24 million extra funding for four years’ tourism marketing. It will be aimed at both domestic and international markets.