Wesley College, one of Australia’s most prestigious university colleges, has been deemed as a haven for rampant sexism and mass drinking culture. Some of the students of the University of Sydney’s Wesley College spoke out after a “slut-shaming” journal was exposed. Wesley College administrator refused to name the student authors of the journal that detailed sexual assault in the campus.

Three of the students talked to ABC about the rampant sexism and drinking culture in the college campus. The girls complained about a section of the Wesley College journal, the Rackweb, which featured a map that revealed details about the sex life of women on the campus.

One of the students said, “I think it’s quite disgusting that people of our generation are still so sexist, I thought that we’d moved passed this, and coming from an out of Sydney area I never experienced this back at home.”

Another student related her experience in which all students were brought into a room  and their seniors asked them to lay down in rows. The seniors then opened wine bottles over their mouth and asked them to drink. They were instructed to keep drinking as long as they could. She said the experience made her realise that if she did not drink she would be an outcast.

According to Mail Online, the journal which is funded by the college includes awards for “Best a**”, “Best Cleavage”, “biggest Porn-star” and also “Kinkiest Collegian”.

Sydney University’s Facebook page uploaded a picture of protesters outside the Wesley College demanding the names of the editors of the journal. This was their reactions after the master of college, Lisa Southerland’s refusal to cooperate with the University of Sydney in releasing the names. In the same Facebook page, there were comments from students demanding the same.

The protesters stood outside the college in silence as they have their mouth sealed with black tape. Police officers and college security tried to block them from the main gate but they peacefully marched forward, stated Honi Soit.

One of the protesters Ann Hush remarked, “The police were pretty tolerant.” She also said that police told the students about the importance to report any atrocities they’ve experienced. Hush admitted that they know their right to report sexual assault to the police but at the same time the university must deal with the issue and discipline the students as they had the authority.

Recently, a Facebook page titled “Hotties of Melbourne University” has sparked controversy. It encourages people to rate the students featured on the page based on their appearance