Another installment of Australia’s most popular prison series just ended. Teal Tuesday won’t return until Wentworth Season 5. What’s one thing everyone should look forward until then?

The fourth season finale of this show took viewers on a dark and twisted ride. It went on the most unpredictable turns until the very end. While some fans are still reeling from the events of that last episode, some already want to know what would happen next.  What does the show’s fifth season have in store for fans?

From the start, Wentworth has always received praise for its inclusion and portrayal of different gender identities. One obvious standout is trans inmate Maxine Conway. Will the show really introduce more trans characters next season?

Neither Foxtel nor Soho has confirmed this rumor. However, actor Socratis Otto, recognizes how important Maxine as a character is for a lot of viewers here and abroad. In a recent interview with local press, Otto revealed just how much his character on the show has changed the way people viewed trans people.

“One [thank you note] was from a young trans male… over in England – who said to me that his mother always struggled with understanding why her daughter wanted to transition to a male,” the actor told Stuff New Zealand. “But after sitting down and watching Wentworth together… [after] watching Maxine’s story, the mother was actually able to look at her son and accept him. [She even] vowed to actually join him on the ride a bit more, and embrace it… Just the way I was sent that message is exactly what we’re trying to do with the character, to really educate people and show them the compassionate side.”

Meanwhile, the show’s fourth season ended with – Spoiler Alert! – Joan “The Freak” Ferguson stabbing top dog Bea Smith with a screwdriver. Will the Freak pay for what she did? Will Bea make it out alive? Fans will have to wait for Wentworth Season 5 to premiere next year to find out for sure.