Wentworth Season 5 spoilers have some interesting revelations.  According to them, the ruthless prison warden Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) aka ‘The Freak’ will meet her last on the premiere episode of the upcoming season. Will that justify Bea Smith’s brutal murder in season 4?

Ferguson was the one who killed Bea in season 4. She [Ferguson] is now in Solitary Confinement because women are out for her blood. Wentworth Season 5 is approaching. With such high stakes, it can be a time of acute stress for ‘The Freak’. After what she did in the fourth season, the only thing we can expect for her is lots of punishment, which may lead to her death.

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Wentworth Season 5 spoilers suggest that Joan Ferguson will take center stage in the next installment. There is a high chance that she will be paid back for the wrong she has done. Thus, it should not be surprising to find Ferguson getting punished by the inmates in the next season.  This, in fact, may show her dying, reported earlier by GameNGuide.

Watch Bea Smith’s brutal murder by Joan Ferguson in Season 4:

Joan Ferguson is a diagnosed psychopath who had a feeling of resentment against prisoner Bea Smith. They have never been on very good terms. In season 2, Bea chalked out a plan to escape Wentworth Detention Centre. Ferguson interrogated Doreen, Maxine Conway, Franky and other prisoners, and found out the truth. Later, when Bea returned to the prison, she addressed Ferguson as “The Freak.”

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A few relevant media outlets predicted that Kate Jenkinson’s Allie Novak  might plot her revenge against the cause of Bea’s death. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth also joined the cast of Wentworth Season 5, apparently playing the character of a tough prison warden. A few publications revealed that he may share a romantic relationship with Bea’s ex-flame. Does that mean ‘The Freak’ will get killed by Allie and Liam’s character in the next season? Will that really justify Bea Smith’s unexpected death?

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