The latest spoiler for Wentworth season 5 revealed hard times ahead for Ferguson.  After Bea Smith’s death in season 4, now the creators are planning to cut one more regular mainstay off from the plot. Yes, you read it right. Speculations are high that Ferguson will bite the dust on the premiere episode of Wentworth season 5.

After Bea Smith’s death, everyone is eyeing on the Top Dog position. The competition is stiff and the atmosphere inside the prison has become tensed.  Joan Ferguson and Kaz Proctor are the top names on the leader-board who fight for the top dog spot.  If we consider the last episode of Wentworth season 4, the stakes are high for Ferguson. Seeing her as the Top Dog in Wentworth season 5 might be far fetched. After what she did in the fourth season, the only thing we can expect from her is lots of punishment which may also lead to her death.

Who is Joan Ferguson?

Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is a diagnosed Psychopath who had a feeling of resentment against guard Will Jackson. After the death of Audrey, Furguson was transferred to the staff of Wentworth Detention Centre and without delay she set about making her mark in her new sphere of influence. She is also incredibly manipulative towards the prisoners. During Bea’s escape, Ferguson interrogated Doreen, Maxine Conway, Franky and other prisoners to learn about Bea’s whereabouts. Joan later made out that Bea and Will were complicit and planned the escape. When Bea returned on the last episode of Wentworth season 2 she addressed Ferguson as “The Freak.”

The Freak and Bea Smith’s connection

In Wentworth season 4, viewers were shocked to see their favorite Bea Smith met her last after being brutally stabbed by Ferguson. This possibly was the final nail in the coffin for Ferguson’s era at Wentworth Detention Centre. Joan is now in Solitary Confinement because women are out for her blood.

All bad things must come to an end!

If spoilers are to be believed, then Joan Ferguson will take the center stage in Wentworth Season 5. Sources like GameNGuide suggests, if we take all her wrong deeds into account, it won’t be surprising to see her getting punished by the inmates in the next season.  This, in fact, can show her dying.

The production work for Wentworth season 5 is underway. An official release date is yet to be confirmed.  For more updates stay tuned!