Another installment of Wentworth just ended last week. Most fans are still reeling from the show’s season finale. Who can blame them? The prison’s top dog, Bea Smith, is dead. Joan “The Freak” Ferguson repeatedly stabbed her with a screwdriver. But could she possibly have survived the Freak’s attack? Could Bea still make it out alive come Wentworth Season 5?

The season’s penultimate episode also showed another apparent murder. The Freak injected Bea’s girlfriend, Allie, with a lethal cocktail of class A drugs. Doctors all concluded that Allie’s a goner, but the finale showed her waking up at the exact moment that Ferguson was stabbing Bea. Can a similar miracle happen for Bea next season?

Foxtel took a huge risk in killing off one of their show’s major players. Fans are hoping the network’s just pulling a “Jon Snow” on them. HBO’s Game of Thrones also ended a season with the death of a major character. But after much fanfare, the show brought him back to life right after. Will the most popular prison series Down Under pull something similar off?

Danielle Cormack, who plays Bea on Wentworth, has been part of the Foxtel series from the very start. However, viewers might have really seen the last of her in the recently concluded season. According to News Australia, the show’s executive producer Jo Porter confirmed Bea’s death.

“It is always an incredibly difficult decision to say farewell to a much-loved and revered character like Bea Smith,” Porter said in a statement. “This storyline has had such a huge impact on us all and we are sure fans will feel the same. This decision was particularly hard as it meant also saying goodbye to Danielle Cormack.”

Cormack will still have a busy schedule moving forward, though. The actress has just become a ChildFund Australia’s ambassador.

How will the show move forward now that the top dog is dead? Will the Freak pay for what she did? Can Allie ever cope with what happened? Fans might have to wait for the show’s next installment to find out.

Wentworth Season 5 premieres next year.